Creation and Context:
Aspectus Architect Ltd. (formerly Wing Design Co. Ltd.) was founded with the handover of Colosseum-Art Ltd. design staff in 1999, following several years of previous co-operation with the Wallis Group. The first joint real estate developments, such as the BMW and Saab showroom and service (1995), and the Danubius I. and Danubius II. stage offices (1997-1999) brought professional and financial recognition for the office, but a decision was also made to integrate the office into the Wallis group under the directorship of Miklós Kóbor in 1999. Danubius III, the Polar Center, both speculative office buildings, as well as the Babér Street OTP Bank Headquarters represent completed major works of this period. In 2003, Sophie Bajzik became the CEO of an office numbering 16-18 staff and in 2006 she was succeeded by László Szerdahélyi, who had been responsible for design co-ordination since the inception.

The Wallis Group’s major investments, such as the Atrium Park were complemented by a range of industrial development in East Gate Business Park, where Philip Morris and GE relocated operations. Commissions were also received for the Zwack liquor plant, Ares Logistics and the OSZK (National Library) storage facilities.

Collaboration with other developers resulted in the chain of Oxygen Wellness Centres, of which the third in Budapest’s Ist District has just been completed. Partnership with other design offices has seen successful results in design competitions – Rejuvenation of Bosnyák Square (1st place) and the redevelopment of the Alfréd Hajós Swimming Complex (2nd place) and completed projects also: New building for the Corvinus University and the Agria Park Shopping mall in Eger.

Office capacity is increased by the assistance of external specialist offices, allowing the senior architects of the office to concentrate on details and the perfection of the design concept, and ensure delivery on schedule. Partner offices represent the upper echelon of the specialist fields, each with excellent reputations and reference projects.

The satisfaction of our customers is not only demonstrated by new and ongoing commissions,but also by professional awards, a significant register of the high quality buildings designed by Aspectus Architect. Participation in the approvals process and obtaining Building Permitsrepresent an integral part of the design task.

In 2008 the International Construction & Investment Journal awarded first prize in two categories to Wallis Property developments designed by Aspectus Architect. The best office park (Atrium Park) and shopping center (Agria Park) were recognised by these awards. . The new building of Corvinus University received a National Construction Excellence Award.

Design activity ranging from the initial concept to construction drawings, demolition and survey drawings across all related fields are tasks which Aspectus Architect undertakes. Field of activity falls into any of the design task concept design, the documentation of construction drawings, plans for demolition of existing buildings and preparing survey.

Obtaining a construction permit and associated official approvals are all integral parts of the design task at Aspectus Architect.

Structure: Our priority is focused on maintaining maximum working conditions for staff and a consistently high standard of training and professional knowledge. Our designers are assisted by a continually developing computer platform operating the latest ArchiCAD software and supported by large format publishing and printing facilities. To allow for document publishing in the shortest possible time-frame.

15 permanent staff includes 12 registered architects, a financial director, office director and technical assistant.

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